SRM 'HINDI' Gurukul Program 'Online*'
(Online*: Every Sunday Online Classes,
(Few Classes may be conducted be in the temple's premises occasionally)

Session Starts:
25th August 2024~ 18th May 2025
Every Sunday 10:00 AM-12:00 noon

Gurukul is a weekly Gathering of children, between the ages of 5 – 14 years at Shri Ram Mandir to get exposure to Read, Write and Speak Hindi Language, learn Naitik Shiksha & Bhajans. Our goal is to help children bloom, grow, and introduce/inculcate good values through fun-filled Hindu cultural activities. Gurukul targets to enhance the overall development of our children’s personalities.  

Hindi Gurukul Program Details


Every Sunday 10:00 AM-12 noon

Hindi Gurukul
Enrollment Form

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Email: [email protected]

Gurukul Guidelines

Gurukul Policies

Gurukul classes will promptly start from 10:00 am every Sunday and end at 12 pm.
1. Please make sure your child Log in on time and have the Laptop/Desktop/Ipad etc for ZOOM video call.
2. Fees: Gurukul fee is

Hindi:     $351
 per child (Annual).

Siblings  $651 ( 2 Children Annual)

3. Gurukul follows Plano District School calendar.
4. Attendance: If a child is absent for 4 classes without a medical reason, Please discuss with your teacher.
5 Homework: There will be assignments given out weekly, which will need to be turned in the following Sunday.
6.Performance: Students will have pop quizzes, monthly tests, and semester tests. Monthly report card will be provided, and attendance is part of the grade.
7.Supplies: Children are required to purchase a binder to keep their papers in.

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Enrollment Guidelines

if you are interested in enrolling your child, please complete the Enrollment form and bring it to the Temple front desk and submit along with the required fees or

Email form
and fee receipt to [email protected]           

Fee Pay
Checks payable to   'Shri Ram Mandir'

Online at 
(Click Donate> Gurukul Fee)  

Zelle[email protected]

@ Temple Front Desk

We are delighted to be a part of your
child’s cultural education journey, our target is to make this a pleasant and memorable experience for you and your child(ren).
Thank you for your enrollment at the Gurukul at Shri Ram Mandir.

For more information please contact
[email protected] or

Sakshi at 469-684-4250 

SRM Front Desk at 972-422-1600

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Hindi Gurukul Teachers

Meet our Gurukul Volunteers

Shilpi Sharma

Gurukul Hindi Teacher

Masters in Computer Science, have 20+Yrs of experience and passion in teaching children how to speak, read and write Basic + Advance Hindi. 

Varsha Mehandra

Gurukul Hindi Teacher

Passionate Hindi Teacher who loves to teach Level 1 Hindi to SRM Gurukul children

Sakshi Shori

Gurukul Program Director

B.Tech, MBA, MS - Lead Gurukul Program and help coordinating Gurukul Enrollments, Parent, Teacher & kids communication, schedules etc. Assist in teaching Hindi, Naitik Shiksha, Bhajans & preparing children for temple cultural activities.

Gautam Kapila

Gurukul Teacher-Naitik Shikha

B.E. ECE, MS Microelectronics, MS Data Science - Enthusiast, researcher of Indic Knowledge systems. Passionate about engaging kids and adults on science behind Indian Cultural value systems.


Our Gurukul Children age 5-14 Years

Children amazed with their reading, writing and speaking Hindi and online use of chat, whiteboard etc.